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Happy Holidays!

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We will be closed from 12th August to 1st September. Happy Holidays from Selcom!

Multiaxial Custom Fabrics

Multiaxial custom fabrics: hybrid fabrics

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In our special fabrics various types of fibers can be employed: carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramidic fiber, to be combined with different percentages as well. These are called hybrid fabrics.

non crimp fabrics

Non crimp fabrics for sports applications

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Non crimp fabrics (NCF) for SPORTS applications: the production of skis and snowboards is a very interesting market for multiaxial technology of non crimp fabrics. SELCOM structural fabrics are widely…

archimede 2.0

Selcom for Archimede 2.0 Project

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Selcom is partner of Archimede 2.0 project, that will give life to a futuristic solar car called Archimede 2.0 that will benefit from our fiberglass and carbon fabrics. This project…