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SELCOM is a leading company that specializes in the manufacturing of multiaxial fabrics (also known as NON CRIMP FABRICS NCFs) made of high performance fibres such as carbon, aramid, glass, basalt and others to serve the Composites Industry: Automotive, Building and Infrastructures, Marine, Personal Protection Equipment, Sporting goods, Wind Energy, etc.

After 30 years of experience in the traditional textile industry, the company was established in 1992 by the Pizzol family who started focusing on the production of high quality technical fabrics for GRP and CRP industry by installing, for the first time in Italy, a multiaxial machine to produce multiaxial fabrics. Passion, dedication, enthusiasm, high willingness and adaptability are some of the features that have enabled the entrepreneur Mauro PIZZOL and his family to face over the years new industrial challenges and markets that are evolving continuously.

Selcom has grown considerably year after year while remaining an SME, a family owned company.


1 production line in a 500 sqm factory


9 production lines in a 6000 sqm factory – 2500 MT glass fabrics and 50 MT carbon fabrics


14 production lines in a 10 000 sqm factory – Expected glass fibre consumption: 3800 MT – Expected carbon fibre consumption: 300 MT – Other fibres : 100 MT


years in the textile sector for reinforced composite materials


tons per year of carbon fiber


tons per year of glass “E” fiber


squares meter factory

The business idea is to offer our customers innovative quality products, timely delivery, utmost service at competitive prices with environmentally friendly company attitude. SELCOM is indeed very sensitive to recycling. 100% of the production waste and packaging are reused in other industrial processes. Moreover Selcom has covered 80% of its electricity consumption thanks to a huge rooftop photovoltaic installation.

We are continually investing in the research and development of innovative composite fabric solutions, identifying customers’ needs and requirements coupled with opportunity for cost reduction. Skilled personnel, know-how, innovative machinery, cutting edges technology and a highly responsive manufacturing service guarantee an unquestionable reliability that is recognized worldwide.