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Woven Unidirectional Fabrics

Unidirectional woven tapes in E-Glass have a single orientation 0º, produced with conventional technology warp-weft.

Weft direction is normally in “E” glass fibre, and can be thermofixed, a process which gives more stability to cutting and handling. These items are produced in a standard width from 20mm to 300 mm. Currently the production range of unidirectional tapes goes from 300 gr/M² to 1200 gr/M²

Resin Compatibility

E-Glass fibers used for the production of our multiaxial – non crimp fabrics are coated with a broad range of sizing to provide compatibility with multiple resin systems.

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Unsaturated polyester

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Product Customization

Selcom Multiaxial – Non Crimp Fabrics (NCFs) are manufacured to meet the individual needs of our customers. All the fabrics can be based on the final application in order to deliver the expected performance.

Fiber orientation

Selcom Multiaxial – Non Crimp Fabrics (NCFs) are made up of layers with parallel fibres laid in different orientations, stitched with texturized polyester yarn.
The most commonly used Multiaxial - Non Crimp Fabrics (NCF) are oriented at ±45º or 0º90º,but it’s also possible to have ±30º or ±60º on request. The longitudinal direction of 0° is always the direction of the length of the roll and the stitching direction.


The parallel fibre layers are stitched with a texturized polyester yarn.
There can be different stitching types, depending on the final application. Our stitching patterns are Tricot, Pillar (Chain) or Pillar-Tricot.

Combined chopped strand mat or veil

All of our fabrics can be combined with additional layers of unwoven Veil from 10 to 100 gr/M² or chopped strand MAT from 50 gr/M² - 450 gr/M².

Powder coating

On all the Selcom Multiaxial – Non Crimp Fabrics (NCFs) can be applied different dry thermoplastic powder, with the powder coating technology.


All the Selcom Multiaxial – Non Crimp Fabrics (NCFs) can be finished with epoxy hot melt adhesive, to provide self-adhesive fabrics.

Fabric width - Roll lenght

Selcom Multiaxial – Non Crimp Fabrics (NCFs) are produced in a standard width from 1270mm (50”) to 2540 mm (100”) and can be cut in tapes, depending on customer’s requests, without the fibres fall apart.
Standard Roll length is 50LM but they can be produce on customer’s need. We can produce up to 500 LM roll length.

Fabric weight

Selcom Multiaxial – Non Crimp Fabrics (NCFs) in Carbon Fibre range is from 50 gr/M² to 1200 gr/M².
Selcom Multiaxial – Non Crimp Fabrics (NCFs) in Glass Fibre range is from 200 gr/M² to 3000 gr/M².

Woven "E" Glass Unidirectional Fabrics are typically used in:

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