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Bespoke products

Bespoke products


Structural | High performance | Cosmetic applications

  • Multi-layered fabric for large monolithic/sandwich structures

  • Up to 6-layer solutions available

  • A variety of configurations and weights are available

  • NCF (Non-Crimp Fabrics) range:

    • 50 – 4.000 gr/m²

    • 20 to 2.540 mm

    • 0º and 30° to 150°

Focus on customer tailored solutions:

  • Pure Carbon UDs

  • Stitch yarn: PES & other materials

  • Co-bonding NCFs with CSM/Woven/Nonwoven Veils

  • Powder Binder coating line

Selcom resins compatibility

Resins compatibility


Carbon fibers and E-Glass fibers used for the production of our multiaxials are coated with a broad range of sizing to provide compatibility with multiple resin systems.

Non-Crimp Fabrics (NCF)

Non-Crimp Fabrics (NCF)


Non-Crimp Fabrics (NCF): the automotive industry (mainly racing and transportation sectors) use multiaxial fabrics technology for chassis and structural parts construction in high performance vehicles.

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Selcom Drapeability

Selcom multiaxial fabrics’ drapeability


One of the main features of Selcom multiaxial fabrics is the drapeability: the parallel fibre layers are stitched with a texturized polyester yarn and there can be different stitching types, depending on the final application. Our stitching patterns are Tricot, Pillar (Chain) or Pillar-Tricot.

New biocompatible fabrics

New biocompatible fabrics


Innovation, sustainability, circular economy are the goals that Selcom will pursue in the coming years.

In the near future, we will be committed to promoting the use of biocompatible fabrics made with natural fibres such as flax, bamboo, cellulose or mineral fibres eg basalt; the latter is already widely used as a reinforcement in the construction industry, as basalt fibres have excellent thermal and sound insulation. They maintain their mechanical properties even at high temperatures and are chemically very stable, both in an acidic and alkaline environment.

Besides, Selcom produces HYBRID reinforcements by combining fibres of different origin (chemical, mineral and/or natural). It is the perfect compromise between resistance, weight, elasticity or stiffness, according to the customers’ requirements.

New biocompatible fabrics

Biaxial fabric +/- 45° made with Flax fibre

New biocompatible fabrics

Quadriaxial fabric 0°/-45°/90°/+45°/ made with BASALT fibre

Powder coating 1

New Technology: Powder Coating


Selcom srl – Multiaxial Technology, the leading manufacturer in Italy of engineered textile reinforcements for the advanced composites industry by using the Non-Crimp Fabrics (NCFs) technology, has recently installed a powder binder coating facility as well as a multilayers laminating line.

The entire range of Selcom NCFs made of carbon, glass, aramid, basalt and other fibers can be coated on one or both sides of the reinforcement with a polymer binder up to a maximum width of 2540 mm.

This specific technology is mainly used to stabilize the fibers to prevent them from deformation during handling and cutting and employed in various applications (e.g. preforms in RTM process).

Besides, the system also allows multiple materials to be bonded together (e.g. fabrics to be coupled with other materials like non-woven veils/felts etc.) using also a thermoplastic adhesive.

Powder coating 4The versatility of the system with the possibility to use a wide range of polymers having different melting temperatures, viscosities and compatibilities with most of the matrix resins (in particular with epoxy resins) are the reasons why this technology was selected over other systems.

Moreover, the company is also very attentive to issues related to environmental protection. As a matter of fact, it recycles 99% of the processing scraps and 70% of its energy requirement is met by renewable sources.

Selcom is always looking for best textile solutions to gain customer’s satisfaction with innovation and, in long term, contributing to reduce CO2 emissions coupled with the possibility of production costs lowering.

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Civili Engineering

Multiaxial fabrics for civil engineering


Selcom is a leader in the development and manufacturing of textile reinforcements for Civil Engineering. In particular, the company serves this specific sector with glass/carbon/basalt and hybrid unidirectional, biaxial and multiaxial fabrics creating with the support of its partners a kind of “anti seismic wallpaper”.

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