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S-MAX (Selcom MultiAXials) – In its Low Areal Weight version – improves the surface finish at Carbon Art and contributes to achieve seemingly impossible strength to weight ratio, with up to 0.5 kg weight saving for unparalleled performance, and an incredibly strong board.

The Selcom CrossForce®, a +/-45 cosmetic carbon grid, specifically developed for recreational applications, gives an unprecedented aesthetic touch to the very top layer of Carbon Art high end boards.

James Dinnis learnt the art of shaping and board manufacturing 30 years ago in Maui (Hawaii).
Back in New Zealand, in 1995, he started Carbon Art where, high-end Quality and Top Performances have defined the CarbonArt brand as a leading innovator in the world of windsurf.

26 years later — “Create hand crafted windsurf boards dedicated to the pursuit of windsurfing excellence” remains their mantra.

As an early adopter of composite materials, Carbon Art made its first fiberglass surfboards in 2001. Since then, Carbon Art has continued to evolve its surfboard construction to include the latest developments in carbon fibre composites.

CaseStudy_CarbonArt 2To ensure quality and consistency in every surfboard, the production process requires tight weight specifications to be matched. The carbon fiber S-MAX portfolio includes a light version (C-light).

Each layer can go as low as 50gsm maintaining high quality and excellent formability, while dramatically helping to achieve a superior surface finish when infused and the component is painted.

The Carbon Art imperative was to deliver carbon fibre multiaxial products that would meet an almost zero-defect surface while maintaining the highest competitiveness / performances ratio.

Selcom was more than ready to accept the challenge resulting in a solution exceeding their quality requirements while matching the economic targets. The plies were manufactured with a high quality 12K industrial grade fibre with specific black stitching to enhance the final surface aspect and engineered to reduce visual fiber print through.
To manufacture their gorgeous products, Carbon Art use the Pro Construction where the board is vacuum laminated top and bottom with a combination of leading-edge composites based 12K carbon fibre for a stiffer, highly tuned responsive board. The result is a seemingly impossible strength to weight ratio, with up to 0.5 kg weight saving for unparalleled performance, and an incredibly strong board.

C-Light materials represent the ultimate in Selcom low areal weight NCF technology. C-Light products are well suited to wet layup and infusion process in a wide range of recreation, automotive and industrial applications.
“C-Light gives us exactly what we need for our products: Consistency in Quality. In particular, the exceptionally smooth surface, really makes a difference in our moulding process and enhances the surface finish of the windsurf board.

Selcom Crossforce

We always aim for the highest standards and Selcom C-Light helps us to deliver that while CrossForce® gives a very cool new aesthetic touch” comments James Dinnis, Board Designer – Windsurf, Carbon Art.


CrossForce® is part of the S-TREME family: Selcom Tailored Range of Multiaxials Easygoing.